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Kavan and Robin's web page. Here is a picture of the lovely Robin. Summer 2001. The shortest hair cut Iever had. This picture was taken at a photo booth in the Coddingtown Mall.

Kavan the bithday boy. Happy 24th. Taken at Holiday Inn in San Francisco June 2001.

These two pictures were taken Feb. 2001. A Valentine's gift to Kavan.

Vincent Walter Beffa. Robin's nephew. Sharon Beffa's son. Thanksgiving Nov. 2001. When this picture was processed all the girls in the 1 hour photo said that this was the cutest little boy they had ever seen.

Robert Anders Hocker. My Dad (Robin's Dad).

Kavan at the computer on Thanksgiving. Opening a Sonic account for the Hocker's new computer.

Jade posing for a picture with her Aunt Robin.

Vincent, Robin, and Jade.

Kevin's got little Vinnie by his teeth.

Robin just weeks after had we met late 2000. (The only picture of my favorite jacket, that later got stolden at the Mall)